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Bringing Bohemian Glamour from Decadent Decades Past!

About Mooshy La La

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Beneath the blue suburban skies, just a stone’s throw from Liverpool’s famous Penny Lane is Mooshy La La’s AttiQue  –  a Bohemian Glamorous Vintage Treasure trove!

Influenced by Barbara Hulanicki’s ‘BIBA’ of the late 60′s 70′s, & the hedonistic 20’s Jazz Age!  This exquisite Vintage/Antique Boutique has a strong Art Deco theme! Selling Vintage Clothing (from Victoriana through to 80’s), Vintage Costume Jewellery, Artifacts, and Collectibles and Lots lots more. 

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“You will always be encouraged to browse – this little trove of treasure is a shopping experience to be savored certainly not to be hurried!”
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Carrying an eclectic mix of many eras all within a theme of Bohemian glamour! From authentic handmade 1920’s dresses to heavy beaded & sequined embellished jackets from the 80’s. Mooshy La La presents a varied selection of classic, mainstay, & one-off, pre-loved pieces, in keeping with this ethos.

“To me, customer service is of paramount importance, and something that gets overlooked in this world of mass consumerism – so when you arrive at my little oasis of wonder, you will always be encouraged to browse to your heart’s content without any pressure . I want for you to enjoy the experience! I’m sure you will always find a treasure to take home!”

“My biggest inspiration has been Barbara Hulanicki’s ‘BIBA‘ emporium, which I was fortunate to experience firsthand before its closure in 1975, this magnificent emporium left an imprint on my heart & greatly influenced my own little vintage bazaar.” – Reveals Sue – Owner/Operator


“If you are wondering where the name ‘Mooshy La La’ comes from…. Well, it’s the ‘nickname’ of my daughter Misha Lily …..When she was born, my son, Lloyd, (who was then 4 years old), decided on his own variation of her name! so  ‘Mooshy La La’ it was! (They are now both in their twenties, may I add!) 

I adore the Deco period & I think ‘Mooshy La La’ is a wonderfully frivolous name that conjures up the image of a coquettish flapper of the day!!!!”

Sue Gannon-Kendrick

(Special Announcement for Summer 2019)




12.00 to 4pm

Thursday to Saturday

11am to 5.30pm

(During December late night Fridays 7pm)


 ( If you can only visit outside of these hours just call or message me & we can arrange something – I do pop in & out of shop outside opening times! & I am often here after hours. We also have an all year round,  shopping evening experience! Sue x )

MAP: 322 Smithdown Road – Near Penny Lane – Liverpool L15 5AJ



#5 Top Shopping Experiences in Liverpool by TripAdvisor

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Visit our Etsy Shop for authentic Vintage

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or our eBay shop for designer & pre-loved collectibles & limited editions.

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Hours & Info

+44 7906 619 243
Wed -Sat
11:00 - 18:00


Art Deco/Nouveau original lady lamp (sorry not for sale) treasured and coveted by me Autumn Vibes 🍂🍂🍂 Well this morning feels like Autumn has arrived @valsparpaint #valspar #bookcase #windinthewillows #darkinteriors #darkinteriorstyle #greenroom #darkgreenrooms #jungleliving #mydarkhome #mysanctuary #colourtherapy #styleitdark ##styleitdarkdecor #livingroom #livingroomdecor #livingroomdesign #livingroominspo #interiordesign #interiordecorating #myhometrend #myhomevibes
Autumn Vibes 🍂🍂🍂 Well this morning feels like Autumn has arrived @valsparpaint #valspar #bookcase #windinthewillows #darkinteriors #darkinteriorstyle #greenroom #darkgreenrooms #jungleliving #mydarkhome #mysanctuary #colourtherapy #styleitdark ##styleitdarkdecor #livingroom #livingroomdecor #livingroomdesign #livingroominspo #interiordesign #interiordecorating #myhometrend #myhomevibes
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Over the summer months I have curated some amazing new vintage collections !!!!! Some classic timeless deco jewellery 👌🏼some mid 20th century lucite and celluloid fabulous jewellery 👌🏼 70’s & 80’s fun funky colourful pieces 👌🏼as well as some eye popping sparklers 🤩 Come along to our Autumn Magic event Saturday 28th September 🥂🍾🥂
The Magic of Autumn Event 28th September 11am to 5pm 🥂🍾🥂
“The national divinity of the Greeks, Apollo has been recognized as a god of archery, music and dance, truth and prophecy, healing and diseases, the Sun and light, poetry, and more. .....” #everyhomeshouldhaveone #appollo #Greekgod #myhomevibe #myhomedecor

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