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A tribute to Coco Chanel – COCO LA LA (The Event)

“What a wonderful night!”

poster jas1

Our charity event was set for 2nd October, I had decided after the success of BIBALALA that the next event would gain a little benefit for a charity, and as I wanted to support a local charity, I chose Trussell Trust foodbank project. Every day people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income. Trussell Trust food banks provide a minimum of three days emergency food and support to people experiencing crisis in the UK.

My little shop won’t hold many people all at once so I knew my limit would be about 25 people and decided that £5.00 a ticket would be a fair price with all the ticket money going to the Charity!

This small event coincided with the 1st anniversary of me getting the keys to my shop, I will have been officially open for 1 year on November 10th. I thought a tribute to the iconic Coco Chanel a fitting theme as she is unmistakingly thought upon as “The Queen of Fashion”

As I am not a “Chanel” outlet the idea of the night was merely an ‘Homage’ to the lady, I had many versions of the ‘L.B.D’ in stock and quite a few “Chanelesque” jackets , oodles & oodles of pearls  & Chanel “lookie likie” bags!!!!


“oodles & oodles of pearls”

coco-chanel 4


I set about dressing the window, which I must say I was quite proud of!








Some “Chanelesque Bags”


Hand made Fashion Designer cards



Mooshy La La’s AttiQue was twinkling in the Autumn evening, filled with a heady aroma of Chanel No.5  & longiflorum lilies, and just after 5pm, a group of beautiful ladies & a few handsome hunks descended on my little trove of gorgeous things

Each guest was presented with a complimentary set of vintage majorica pearls “Every woman should wear strings & strings of pearls!” ….so Coco told us!!!!

The prosecco was flowing, Edith Piaf was giving her best “La Vie en Rose” , & petit fours were being devoured!!! With lots of laughter & frivolity, many  decided to make the most of the opportunity to try on some exclusive vintage pieces and indulge in some retail therapy, my hand made designer greetings cards almost sold out completely, but luckily new stocks will be arriving in time for the festive season! The few hours flew by in no time! A fabulous night was had by all!!

guest Collage


A gift for each guest


Coco Chanel I

Chanel is renowned for her ‘Simple’ relaxed style,  she gave women comfort, doing away with a restricted corset and drawn in tight  waist, the cumbersome bustle and fussy birdsnest hats.

She gave them the drop waist, the shorter hemline, the comfortable easy-care fabrics, loose layers, pockets, simple straw hats & the ability to wear dramatic BLACK without the need to be in mourning!

Her arrival in the resort of Deauville, where she opened her boutique in 1913, sent shock waves when she adopted the fishermans striped jersey quickly followed by wide trousers, & beach pyjamas and the look quickly caught on and “Casual Chic” was born!


Chanel outside her boutique in Deauville with her aunt Adrienne

coco-chanel-venice-italy-with-duke-larino Lifar-et-Coco_2158787k Gabrielle_Chanel_en_marinière

complilation 1aa

Get that Deauville look!

Coco Chanel adored black probably from her days being brought up in the orphanage,the striking Black & white of the Nuns habits had a huge influence on her taste for simplicity.

“Women think of all colours except

the absence of color.

I have said that

black has it all. White too.

Their beauty is absolute.

It is the perfect


– Coco Chanel

c6e30a851b2045f87bb26a0db2f76417 chanel fur

chanel 1






That simply elegant look of Chanel created by Mooshy La La

In 1925, Chanel launched her signature cardigan jacket, and the following year matched its success with her little black dress. Both items continue to be a staple part of every Chanel collection.

The second World War then halted the fashion industry, and after a self imposed exile Chanel returned in 1954 with her classic designs updated to fit the new modern world.


A style which is timeless as we still see today!

Su & Sue Chanel

Myself & my colleague Sue Morris at ‘Coco La La’

Mademoiselle Chanel moved into the Ritz Paris at the start of the 1930s. With her she brought her furniture –  including her beige suede settee with its quilted cushions and her folding screen made from lacquered Coromandel. “Just the basics are enough, when tasteful, to make even the most banal room personal. Mademoiselle Chanel who has been staying at the Ritz for several months is at home with a folding screen and a few flowers” reads the March 1937 issue of Vogue magazine. A unique atmosphere that the Ritz Paris has been carefully preserving ever since the designer’s passing.



Chanel died in her apartment in the Ritz in 1971 where she  resided for 37 years




 In 1982 Karl Lagerfeld took over as chief designer of House of Chanel. While retaining the spirit of Coco Chanel he catapulted the brand right back to the top of the fashion league with his own impeccable twist on Coco’s initial prototype!



The impact of Lagerfeld at Chanel 80’s & 90’s





elli & sarah

On our way Coco lala

        I would like to thank everyone that came to Coco La La & donated to Trussell Trust Food-Bank project, Sue Morris for her constant support at Mooshy La La, & Misha Lily top class pearl engineer.

 Thanks to
Photographer Ben Hargaden,
Makeup Jennifer Peet

Models Jasmine Lundon, Sarah Keogh & Elle Keogh

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