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“How would you like to know where I buy all the magical treasures for Mooshy La La?”


There’s not a day goes by without me being asked; “Where do you buy all your stock from?”  … My answer;  “Well! I’d have to shoot you if I told you that!”!!!  Hahahaha!!!!   Seriously though, it is an interesting question……..

mooshy good witch2

……If you have been to ‘Mooshy La La’ you will know that my shop has a distinctive ‘look’ and anyone who knows me personally will know that, that  ‘look’ has been created by me!


The distinctive ‘Look’ of Mooshy La La’s Attique,

My fixation for ‘Glitz & Glam’ started at a very young age, my Mother & Father were avid fans of old movies, so as a child Sunday afternoons were spent lazily watching old black & white Buzby Berkley movies on TV … I adored them!!!

busby-water vlcsnap-15574349

My fascination for these old movies would continue… It was always the ‘Old’ films I loved, mainly the 30’s, 40’s & early 50’s starring Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Dorothy Lamour.

I swooned to Fred & Ginger facing the music, …dreamed with Bing for a ‘White Christmas’, ….laughed at Lucy & Bea in ‘Mame’…



……….   But don’t ask me what any of the storylines were about!!!! … The pleasure was purely visionary & auditory for me! My eyes were on the magnificent Art Deco apartments & Joan’s shoulder pads! Bette’s tilt hats, & Ginger’s boa!

The sound of Bing’s crooning & Judy’s melodic tones! These sensory experiences preformed my passion for creating a fantasy…

Scanned by Frederic. Reworked by Nick & jane for Dr. Macro's High Quality Movie Scans website: Enjoy!


My very first job encompassed this fantasy, I was a window dresser in a fashion boutique in the mid-70’s! So without me going all autobiographical on you, I’ll cut out 40 years & let’s just say I’ve gone full circle & ended up here in Mooshy La La’s Attique!

Getting back to… ‘Where do I get my stock from?’

Well, as you may have guessed I’ve always been a bit of a collector with an inane urge to create… so when I’m in a little junk shop in Camden passage and see a dented & tarnished cocktail shaker …


…… this is what I really see…..


It’s all down to imagination! I buy what I like! I buy only the things that stir something in me! I do not buy just to make a profit!If I did that Mooshy La La would end up looking like a junk shop! So when someone buys from my shop they are buying a little bit of my personal taste & knowledge!

I class my shop as a specialist shop, & when I get someone wandering in looking for a specific item that I do not sell I will always  send them in the direction of a local business that may (to the best of my knowledge) stock this specific item, it’s called “Link economy” I strongly believe that as small independents it’s in our own interest to support each other! Remember in the film Miracle on 34th street when Kris Kringle sends Macy’s shoppers to Gimbels! Who benefits? Of course the customer – & if this gesture is reciprocated the retailer!!! Common sense!!!!


Macy’s & Gimbles join to link sale

Some people have no idea the amount of time effort & expense that goes into sourcing genuine vintage clothing, some actually think, like a charity shop, people come in and just GIVE me stuff !!! I wish!!! Some people think I buy in bulk by the Kilo, I don’t! My stock is hand picked!

I have many people & places I buy from, antique dealers, auctions, antique & vintage fairs, markets, I have people ring me – email me – call in to see me, I travel far & near, sometimes before the crack of dawn sometimes well into the night… And all this takes time! My time! It also takes many years of experience of knowing what to look for & recognize, sometimes I will come across something I just have a gut feeling is special, it maybe something I have never seen or held before but I know it’s special, so I research & research & finally discover I was right – wellmost of the time!!!!

me elle k

Alterations & repairs before items can reach the shop floor

Sometimes I will find something in dire need of repair, so I will sit & sew beads & sequins & seams! Sometimes, something will need a specialist clean. All these things happen before they are actually brought into the shop and all these things take time, money, knowledge & most of all passion!

mourning mannequin

Vintage & Antiques are not everyone’s cup of tea, some just see “second hand” and will only tolerate “New”… I had someone come into a shop I worked in a few years ago, where we had on display, the most beautiful, intricately carved Jacobean oak 4 poster bed and with a scowl and a look of disgust she bleated “Eeeew!  Someone cudda died in tha!!!” …Well Yes!!! I would think many would have died in it!……. many would have been born in it!…….& many would have been created in it!!!! She had no concept at all of the history & beauty & rarity of this magnificent piece to her it was no more than a piece of junk, and no doubt whatsoever, her choice would have been a flat pack from IKEA all shiny & new!   Fine by me, each to their own!

So if you are one of the many who does actually like & appreciate  the array of treasures in Mooshy La La, and the way it’s laid out & displayed and the atmosphere I have created, think of me as your personal shopper giving you a professional personal service … as now you know what has gone into sourcing & collecting each individual piece!


“So!” … You ask me … “Where DO you buy all your stock from?”

louise gun

“Well! I’d have to shoot you if I told you that!”!!!

Sue Gannon-Kendrick (owner Mooshy La La)

 (For a look inside Mooshy La La & Contact information please click onto MOOSHY LA LA – )

4 comments on ““How would you like to know where I buy all the magical treasures for Mooshy La La?”

  1. Anne Warlow
    September 10, 2017

    Looks amazing


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  3. Michelle Briscoe
    May 2, 2018

    Great little Bio Sue. I relate to so much of it, especially the old movies!
    Im still hoping that one day i will have the vintage tea room equivalent of Mooshy, i need it!!
    Best xx

    Liked by 1 person

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