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Lets rethink the way we shop this Christmas!

Christmas shopping

YES! YES! I know its very early but I really have to get this off my chest before the madness & mayhem begins!!!!!

We all know the astronomical amount of money that is spent nationally at Christmas, (we only have to view our own January bank statement, to see with horror how much cash we get through ourselves) but is it all worth it? I certainly don’t mean is Christmas worth it, because I love Christmas, I still get goosebumps when I see all the lights & the festive displays,but I hate the fact that every time I go into the shops, during the festive season, I am being manipulated & coerced into spending more & more money by these aggressive marketing campaigns  – yes the M&S ads are wonderful, even Aldi have it nailed now & ………. Oh! how we all anticipate what tear-jerking epic John Lewis or Sainsbury’s will bring to our TV screens this year. Well for £7 million (the cost of last years John Lewis advert, just to make, that’s without the revenue paid to the TV companies) – no doubt  2015’s Ad campaign will be something spectacular!

Imagine the profit margin these companies are making when they can afford this outrageous advertising budget!  knowing full well they can get into our vulnerable little heads making us spend way over what we can really afford just so we can create that fantasy family scenario they portray in their make-believe world. Their executives must be laughing their socks off when they’re reaping in those humongous bonus’s lying on deserted beaches sipping cocktails ….while here in the real world the ‘Gullible’s’ endeavor to heat their homes in the bleak January nights after being bedazzled by their bling & baubles into a  fatal debt trap -all in the struggle to make sure their children get the outrageously overpriced ‘electro-tech’ gifts they’ve requested! ……or in some cases Demanded!!!!!!!


Last years John Lewis Christmas advert cost £7 million to make!

I’ve made my views perfectly clear about my abhorrence of mass consumerism, and last years abomination (labeled “Black Friday”) epitomized this!!!! This vile import from the USA brought out the greed and avarice of so many fools who fell for the grim marketing techniques of the huge global retailers.

It really is time to rethink the way we shop!

Getting back to the way we spend at Christmas, the majority of us work from a list for presents & food (I must say I’m not a big “Lister” this is probably the only time of year I make any sort of lists) but unfortunately because we buy for so many at Christmas we can all become a bit thoughtless as to what to actually buy for our friends & family. Some of us (I here hold my hand up high!!) leave so much to the last minute & then waste so much time wandering around looking for things to jump out on us with our friends’ name on!!! So when this doesn’t happen we end up dissatisfied with what we have bought and more than likely we have overspent our budget! Just remember it doesn’t have to be expensive to be original! It just takes a bit of thought!

monet brooch 004

Vintage Costume Jewellery can make original Christmas gifts at affordable prices!


Royal Chelsea Midas trio from Bonny & Blythe

penny lane fabrics

A creative project from Penny Lane Fabrics & Haberdashery

silver sword

Perfect festive gift for Him or Her…Antique Scottish lapel pin


You cannot go wrong with something from Dafna’s Cheesecake factory

As soon as payday arrives the masses head for the City Centre & Retail parks, sit in traffic jams, push through crowds of people grabbing at anything, they think may sell out,… to stand in long queues to “Pay Here” – I’m sorry but the thought of that really makes me want to hyperventilate ……”it is not enjoyable to me in any way whatsoever!!!


So this year I aim to start early and buy from independents and craftspeople, (where you can actually get personal service) and hopefully encourage you to do the same! Obviously, I am going to say this, because I am a small independent retailer, – but you would not believe the effect the likes of “Black Friday” has on us small businesses. I found last year quite a disappointment as did many of my colleagues in this business.

I may add it didn’t help when our own City Council here in Liverpool decided on  “Small business Saturday”  (The one day a year the whole country are encouraged to shop local)

……to give the independent businesses in the City Centre a helping hand, & put on Free Car Parking around the City Centre!!!!!!! Thanks! Chamber of Commerce! Nice One!!!!! NOT!!!!

Just remember when you spend local it stays local, your money doesn’t get siphoned off to offshore accounts, it doesn’t go into the pockets of the ‘Non-Doms’ it goes to put food on the table of local people & keeps independent restaurants & bakers & butchers & boutiques & hairdressers on your doorstep!!!

small biz

So this year (Christmas 2015) I have already compiled my DECEMBER OPENING TIMES …with a couple late nights, but I will be closing on the 22nd – Sorry all you last minute shoppers but you have been warned! We, shopkeepers, want to enjoy Christmas too! (Don’t even start me on the way these stores run their staff into the ground at Christmas … Arrrrgh!)

I must add this will be proper “Old Fashioned Christmas shopping!”…Yes, it’s early – but this is me trying to be organised & sort out my Christmas too!!!

christmas window

I have decided to make the run up to NEW YEAR (27th – 31st December) extra special! We will be open each day between just 12 – 4 pm and in the calm, warm, peaceful FESTIVE surroundings of Mooshy La La’s AttiQue we will be serving complimentary Prosecco, chocolates & nibbles, Christmas music (Classical may I add, no Cliff or Slade or those other seventies ones with beards) Plus an extra bonus of at least 10% discount off all purchases! This period last year was quite successful for me with lots of ladies coming in with Mooshy gift vouchers, or just wanting to escape the kitchen & give themselves a little treat or find something new for New Year! In a relaxed calm atmosphere!

mooshy snow poster

Personal Service from your local independent shops

I do hope you will join me & support all the superb small independents dotted all over our city, not just the City Centre. There are some magnificent small businesses here in Liverpool who work their socks off all year ’round, finding original unusual stock that you will not see in the high street shops, there are some wonderful food & wine shops, exquisite fashion boutiques, traditional, quirky antique & vintage shops & original interior & home-wares, all giving you a personal service!!! ……..If you have been happy with your independent shopping experience during the year, then for heaven’s sake support them at Christmas!!!!!!!

1454727_960895873938712_198008544485740135_n (1)

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One comment on “Lets rethink the way we shop this Christmas!

  1. Cheryl Parsons
    November 22, 2015

    Excellent article and generous to other small businesses too. Very nice to see common sense ,and generosity of spirit. Let’s hope a decision maker from the council who is lacking in self interest also reads this .


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