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audrey hat

I recently acquired a consignment of hats, well make that a few consignments of hats – (what do they say about waiting for a bus?????)

SGK & SGM - Copy - Copy 2

I used to wear hats quite a lot in my younger years but somehow never quite require the need, or desire, should I say to wear one now!  Saying that – I did don a liberty silk turban at our last  Bibalala  event, which was quite liberating, I must say, and I intend to make the most of the current trend and add a splash of colour to my otherwise Black wardrobe!

  I do love to see a woman wearing a hat, it seams like she’s gone that little bit further to perfecting her ‘Look’ and more to the point – She has confidence!!!!  –  

Now don’t get me wrong there are hats and there are HATS – Pulling a knitted beanie hat over your greasy locks to hide the fact that you got up late, or your roots are an inch long (50 shades of grey has a completely different meaning here!) is not an act of nonchalance – quite the opposite in fact – its – “Make me disappear into oblivion”  –  But choosing a vintage (1940’s) crepe, pleated turban (still tucking the crowning glory away) emphasising those arched groomed eyebrows, that smooth flawless ‘Mac’ veiled skin, those outlined glossy pouting lips gives a whole new meaning to a ‘Bad hair Day’


Anyway getting away from turbans and getting back onto the subject of hats, yes hats real hats, and I have many in my little trove of treasures (Mooshy La La’s Attique) in fact I have enough to open a hat shop! So I am in the process of photographing each one & describing and dating them to the best of my ability, this may take some time, so please bear with me!

Look out for oodles of hats going on display next month for the Wedding & Racing season,  Well, here in Liverpool we are the home of the most famous steeplechase in the world…..

The Grand National

DSC_0251 - Copy

Gold silk brocade turban style hat, embellished with old gold ostrich feathers. c.1950

10525903_535053736623884_6795397442633324505_n (1)


fuschia collage

Chic early 60’s fuchsia swirling velvet conical shape with iridescent dark green cockerel feather trim


10491259_535046636624594_7502545186947504745_n (1)

A magnificent statement hat from the 70’s in pale cream lush feathers, such a flattering vintage piece, would look stunning on a winter bride!

hats 133

60’s Whipped Green Organza

hats 175




Shimmering olive concertina satin trimmed with deep ruby edging form this unusual millinery delight. A “standoutinthecrowd” piece.

Lets not for get EASTER!!!!!


…Only wish we celebrated the event like those “NEW YORKERS” on 5th Avenue ……….they certainly know how to do a parade!!!!



  1. Gavino di Vino
    February 23, 2016

    Lovely to read about what I already know – your intense love and knowledge of la mode! All my purchases from you are serving me so well.
    Kisses xxx


    • mooshylala
      February 28, 2016

      Thank you so much Gavino … I must say you are are wonderful ambassador …I have so many beautiful things for you to see next time your are here in the North, meanwhile I am constantly adding to my new website (although I must say, not adding them as fast as I would like) but keep in touch your feedback is very much valued! Love as ever – Sue G-K x


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