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Velvet Underground

“What’s not to like about velvet?”

I would say that, because I adore velvet, …………I would go as far as saying I have a ‘velvet fetish’…. so there it is… I have admitted it….”I Love velvet” I can’t even remember when this addiction began, I vaguely remember having a red velvet dress as a child, I wish my mother was around to tell me exactly when, she would have remembered exactly! It was one of my earliest memories, so I will hazard a guess and say I was 4 years old! It would have certainly have been Christmastime, and I would surmise it was a homage to Rosemary Clooney, aka Betty, in White Christmas as I hazily remember some white marabou feather going on somewhere!!

Anyway enough of all that, lets get back to the beauty of velvet, I was so pleased to see Paris Vogue   highlighting  velvet ‘Street Looks’  at Milan Fashion Week. Sumptuous, velvet worn for daytime, street wear? Why not??


I love to see velvet worn casually, it seams so decadent and self indulgent and even rather naughty & disobedient!

styreet velvet Collage.png

Those rich regal colours, that lush, luxurious texture  worn with ….. work-wear boots, a white cotton T shirt, dark denim jeans, ….that juxtaposition just works!

milan street

In complete contrast the Artisan designers of the Belle Epoque were the ones that really did it for me. Poiret, Fortuny, Lanvin, Worth, to name just a few of those genius ‘Creative Artists’ who pioneered the Bohemian style that one hundred years on, we are still heavily influenced by.

belle epoque Collage.png

Kate Moss is an advocate of those early 20th Century designers. with that Bohemian spontaneous look, she does so well.

kate velvet cape Collage




Kendall Jenner in silk velvet embroidered bohemian coat


Cara Delevigne wearing a classic midnight blue velvet blazer

One of the most enthralling things about velvet are the colours, those rich, royal colours of gemstones, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst…..

green velvet.png

velvet colour Collage.png

Not only do we swaddle ourselves in this voluptuous fabric we can also drape our surroundings with this regal cloth. Windows, chairs, beds, lamps, even walls swathed in rich textures & hues of jewels.



Embellishments of silk, beads, lace & braid only add to this decadent, heady abandonment that these lavish surroundings create….


…even when faded or worn the power of this fabric is still intoxicating, in fact for me, even more so……..


As you can imagine with my wild penchant for velvet, I have quite a selection of garments in this luxurious textile within the walls of Mooshy La La, so if like me, you also have this weakness you are welcome to feed your habit at any time! Shhhhh!  I won’t say a word!!!


Above: Original 1920’s Egyptian revival silk velvet, embellished  ‘tabard’ dress with faceted cut steel accessories.

Above: Rare & very collectable Authentic 1920’s Black devoré silk velvet tunic with long side panels. Oriental art deco pattern in vibrant jewelled colours, Ruby, Emerald, & Amethyst trimmed with real fox fur. Excellent condition. c.1925

Below: 1930’s velvet & bias cut crepe dress & velvet bolero jacket teamed with 30’s rhinestone jewellery


Below: Original Art Deco brooch on silk velvet 30’s wrap.

ghost jacket

As well as  authentic early 20th Century vintage velvet, I have a collection of 70’s vintage bohemian velvets (Laura Ashley, Liberty, etc.)

laura ashley.png

Above: Classic Laura Ashley Late 20th century vintage (Perfect for a winter bride)

Below: 70’s Bohemian  Crushed Velvet

Velvets 1.png

Below: 80’s Iconic ‘Tulip’ dress worn with Butler & Wilson jewellery & stunning 1950’s cocktail hat!


Below: Burgundy Silk Velvet vintage lined cape with frogging clasp (One size)

wine velvet cape Collage

Below: Deep Amethyst fully lined Vintage Opera coat/robe by Roland Klein

purple velvet coat Collage.png

Below: Early 70’s wrap over, conker coloured, cotton velvet coat, by Stirling cooper designed by Sheridan Barnett size 8.

Stirling Cooper Sheraton.png

As well as many classic vintage pieces as you will see above I always carry a good selection of unusual & classic pre-loved & top quality, velvet items from prestige outlets eg. Ghost, Monsoon, East etc. at affordable prices!



Photo by Mikeys Art

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