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“Do you follow ‘Trend’?”

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“Do you follow Fashion ‘Trend‘? …..or are you an ‘Individualist’? ……

Chances are without consciously knowing, you will be following ‘Trend‘ …and the ‘Trend‘ you are following, will have been chosen for you to follow, a couple of years ago, by committee’s of professional ‘Trend-Setters‘ sitting around tables, they will decide what colours will be on Trend, as well as what style, what shape, what fabrics, etc.etc.

Its no co-incidence that most Fashion Designers, showing at ‘Paris/London/New York/Milan Fashion Week’ seem to have a similar shape, style or colour-way in their collection! This is all decided well in advance!

You will be bombarded by a particular ‘Look ‘, ‘Colour’, ‘Style’ as soon as the ‘New Season’s’ creations hit the high street. This ‘Look‘ will be reinforced right through the media, in fact everywhere you look, from the Designer Boutique in Mayfair, down to the Supermarket clothing department!

You will decorate your surroundings with these ‘Trendy‘ colours & styles, dress your children even your little pooch will be wearing this ‘NEW‘ sought-after colour or style!!!!

This Dictated ‘Trend-Setting‘ Enigma doesn’t stop there – we are also conditioned into what we eat & drink, to create this ‘Image‘ that we desire the world to view us as! It’s not a coincidence that we’re all drinking Prosecco,  whilst nibbling pink & lilac macaroons sat on our silver crushed velvet sofas!


Luckily some people are harder to pierce with this Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and once you are aware of this invasion you are more readily armed to make choice – that is if you can actually find an alternative! As you will know, when shopping, if you are lucky enough to suit a particular style or colour that is trending then you will find, every conceivable version on the high street- be it a top-of-the-range version, a watered-down version, a kiddies version, a cheap/cheerful version, a ‘version‘ for everyone? …If on the other hand, you just cannot wear this particular style or hate these trending colours ….What do you do, apart from taking a “Sew-yourself-a-wardrobe-course” , then the alternative is – Shop Vintage!!!!

style gurus

These two ladies from New York prove that individual style knows no boundaries!

If you were to ask me “Who is your regular Mooshy La La visitor?” I would probably tell you “She/He is an Individualist!”, and I would tell you that “I wouldn’t put an age on her/him”, although I would say that “their confidence in knowing their own style, or willingness to try something different, normally comes with maturity and/or self-assurance!”

Elle 120a

Confidence in knowing your own style comes with maturity and/or self-assurance

The benefits of shopping somewhere like Mooshy La La, is that the stock is chosen because of its beauty, its quality, its originality before it’s popularity. That’s not to say you will not find anything that is on trend here because as you are well aware ‘Trends‘ are very rarely Original!  

I would describe the typical Mooshy La La Client as firstly & foremost an Aesthete…….. ageless, curious, open-minded, strong-willed, frivolous & yet practical and above all an INDIVIDUALIST!

In the words of the “Doyenne of Fashion” herself:

“Beauty begins, the moment you decide to be yourself!”

-Coco Chanel



The above  article (with added reviews from some  interesting INDIVIDUALISTS)  is featured in:

My planet liverpool

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