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My Belle Epoque

 2016  arrived at my door, I will admit, with much dread

A milestone year for me!

NOT (I may add) a year I was particularly looking forward to! I had kept my reluctance quite quiet, not really wanting to draw any attention, and certainly not interested in celebrating an anniversary of JOY!

Then two and a half weeks into the year the inevitable, unstoppable, inescapable, unpreventable happened…..


YES! IT  HAD ARRIVED (Hands over ears) I had reached 60!!!!!!!

The day came and went without too much fuss. Some very close friends and family, insistent that I mark the day at least with a birthday toast, arrived at my shop bearing gifts & cards & a copious amount of champagne which anesthetized the situation greatly!

framed sketch 2.png

“2016, was not a year that I was particularly looking forward to!”



So today – JUNE 19th 2016 – I declare – after habituating to this new phase of life for 6 months, I have found a new ME!

I am embracing the fact of being a  ‘sexagenarian’ and the ‘Don’t give a f***’ attitude that comes with the title!

Honestly! It is an empowering experience! I really don’t care what people think about me, (MY opinion of ME is what matters!)

I have a wealth of life experience! (Which has taught me much)

I am blessed with good health, although I could do with shedding some lbs  (which is MY concern and NO concern for others!)

I am a Mother of a Son & Daughter whom I am fiercely proud of!

I have a magnificent family (who I love – each & every one of them dearly) and a wealth of loyal & true, longstanding, as well as new friends, of all ages!

Not to mention my babé –  Théo!



As you know I am fortunate to have created over the last couple of years my own business Mooshy La La, you will also know this is my passion, I work my socks off, I love what I do, I have so much enthusiasm and constantly my head is buzzing with new ideas, (of which there aren’t enough hours in the day to fulfill them.)  I will probably never be a ‘Millionaire’ (in monetary terms that is) 

SO…..What would I say to reaching 60 now?

“Bring on the next decade! I’m rearing to go!!!!”


Dolly (who I had the pleasure to meet a couple of years ago) & I share the same birth date 19th January ….

At 70 she is living proof that age is just a number!!!!


“Is ‘OLD’ the new ‘BLACK‘?”




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