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The Mid 20th Century Evening Sweater

“Until the 1920s, knitted sweaters were utilitarian or athletic items, not fashion statements. This all changed with Patou and Chanel in the 1920s, and with Schiaparelli in the 1930s. By 1933, Pringle of Scotland was making fashionable sweaters of cashmere, and they introduced the twin set shortly thereafter.It took Hollywood to make the sweater a star. In 1937 Lana Turner appeared in They Won’t Forget wearing a tight sweater. The Sweater Girl was born!

The evening sweater was an important part of the 1950s wardrobe. These sweaters were decorated in various ways: sequins, embroidery, appliqué, lace, beads & rhinestones . A sweater would often exhibit a combination of these decorations. Many were lined in sheer, light-weight silk.

Many sweaters, especially the highly decorated ones, were made in Hong Kong. In the late 1950s and into the 1960s, Hong Kong not only produced beautifully decorated cashmere, but also high quality lambswool/angora blends that are almost as soft as cashmere.” (



This shimmering sleeveless knit embellished all over with iridescent sequins, tiny glass beads and pearls form a zigzag chevron design with a fine beaded fringe feature . Trimmed with beaded fringe around the hem, each string of beads is finished with a tiny pearl. There are a few strings of tiny beads missing on the front bodice but this is very hard to detect and does not deter in any way from the beauty of this amazing garment! Made in Hong Kong in the early sixties as most of these tops were. No stains or snags good clean condition. Size up to 36″ Bust  (Available Mooshy La La)


brigitte-bardot 3.png

Brigitte Bardot



Intricate leaf & berry style bead work  all done by hand

1950’s Black Wool/Angora  fully lined Knitted Jacket, embellished by hand with bronze, gold, & burnt orange beads. Scalloped hem & sleeves, with herringbone effect beaded trim edging and scattered tiny beads. Long sleeves, front hook & eye fastening. Size up to 40″ Bust  (available Mooshy La la)









Another sleeveless decorated wool sweater, creamy soft wool knit covered completely with clear iridescent sequins, edged in pale pin twisted rope pearls. Embellished with a pink glass bead& pearl flower design, side slits and again a versatile full open ended zipper. Beautiful vintage condition, hardly worn. Size up to 35″ Bust  (Available Mooshy La La)






Jayne Mansfield



Although not really classed as a knit, this little top is made in the same style in the same era, but made in a lined nylon lace instead of wool therefore much cooler, to be worn in summer. White lace embellished with pink, silver & pearl beads. A looped bead trimmed hem and again an open ended back zip. Neckline and armholes trimmed with satin piping. Size: Up to a 35″ Bust (Available from Mooshy La La)



Sandie Shaw

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