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What does the future hold for Mooshy La La???

As you must all be aware the retail industry (The High Street particularly) is suffering drastically, the decline of physical shopping, the business of getting yourself to an actual place, and receiving actual goods from an actual person in return for actual cash, has been practically obliterated! What you hear from more or less everyone concerned with physical retail is that the future lies in offering things that the internet can’t, in providing for the needs of humans as social and embodied beings. There are many other factors, rising overheads, parking restrictions, and of course this year the whole world has felt the wrath of COVID 19 – Coronavirus!!!!!

I have put so much passion and energy into Mooshy La La, I started my business in 2012, and I am very proud of what I have created – BUT!,  at this moment for me, it’s “Do or Die!!”

I’ve decided to continue (at least for the foreseeable future) in the hope that I can keep Mooshy La La up and running by providing a little ‘Shangri-La’ of calm and safety amidst this uncertain and somewhat disquieting climate we are living in!         I am at the moment getting the shop ready, re-arranging stock and maybe a lick of paint here and there! So hopefully will be open very soon!

“I have some beautiful stock. (in fact as well as my large vintage range of clothing and accessories, I have managed to source a stunning new range of Artisan jewellery which is ethically sourced and made from natural components eg: leather, horn, agate, wood) I have always prided myself with my customer service at Mooshy La La, and always gone the extra mile for my customers, I never EVER pressurize, I try to keep my prices as low as I possibly can, (you must remember- I’m NOT a charity shop- I use my expertise to diserningly hand pick and purchase my stock, travel around to get it, clean & prepare it all before it lands at my shop! ) I often invite young entrepreneurs to Mooshy La La and give them an opportunity to showcase their creations! I have wonderful events with prosecco on tap (which may I add are very successful! & a life-saver for me, thanks to my loyal visitors, I only hope I can continue to provide these events in the near future! ) I even offer a VIP shopping experience!! all year round!

The majority of my regular visitors are well ‘tuned in’ and fully aware of the sustainability issue in the fashion industry, they take on social and environmental responsibility, by trying to buy vintage as often as possible, but unfortunately for myself and other vintage traders, these ethically-minded people are the ones that are buying less. We need to convert those that are still buying mostly fast-fashion online to just try a little harder and give ‘Vintage & pre-loved’ a chance if they haven’t already!


So please spread the word! Not just for me – for all the small businesses on your doorstep who are offering that personal touch and if you just take the opportunity to look around you will find some fabulous hidden treasures!

Please keep following my; Instagram@mooshylala  Facebook – @MooshyLaLa’s Attique Website –  for more info!

Thank you for your support, and hope to see you soon,

Sue xxx





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