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Miss Havisham’s Bottom Drawers

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Just to put you in the picture … as you all know Mooshy La La’s Attique is a sparkly trove of treasures, and I certainly don’t want to change that, but over the years I have acquired some beautiful antique lace pieces and some old Victorian linens.

I do have a “thing” about Victorian mourning attire too, however, although I’m never averse to a bit of a juxtaposition, I feel my little “blingy boutique” would not benefit from the contents of Miss Havisham’s Bottom Drawers hanging all around the place …

…hence a new ‘online shop’ awaits….. so give me a couple of weeks and I’ll start unveiling my trousseau of Victorian delights …..

…now this just might take the path of a little bit of vintage naughty nightwear or even a glimpse of saucy silk stockings and the like … who knows what my new path will unveil?

But watch this space!!!

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