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Hello Autumn

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A huge big thank you to everyone that came along to MOOSHY LA LA yesterday, always lovely to see my regular ‘Special’ customers, (I’m always grateful for your constant support) and really good to see a few people that I haven’t seen in a while that made a special effort to get here!
It was so so good to meet lots of new people who discovered my little shop yesterday, I really hope you enjoyed your visit and I know many of you will be back 
My new jewellery range went down a storm – I just knew you would like it, I’ve been searching for something like this for a while and looks like I’ll be putting another order in soon!
Everyone loved the new range of stylish handbags (great for girlfriend-gifts)
I still have lots of vintage jewellery (that I bought over the summer) to put out, and I have lots of vintage velvet coming in over the next few weeks.
My hours are back to normal now Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 5.30pm!

Oh!!!! By the way, MOOSHY LA LA has a 5th Birthday in November so keep checking into my page for info on the ‘Birthday Event!’

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Hours & Info

+44 7906 619 243
Wed -Sat
11:00 - 18:00


Spectacular ‘Paulina cuff’ by Anton Heunis Hand made in Madrid (preowned) pristine condition £90
This original iconic pop-art creation from 1960’s is truly a work of art! The coloured embellishments are appliqué 👩‍🎨 #fashionhistory c.1963 - I purchased it from the wife of a musician 😎 from an internationally famous folk band! 🎶🎶
Spectacular large vintage #Swarovski multicolour pin/ brooch by #butlerandwilson
Biggest of thanks 🙏🏻 and gratitude 🙏🏻 to all who constantly support my little shop 💋💋💋 BUT ….PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! KEEP SUPPORTING SMALL BUSINESS (ESPECIALLY WE ‘BRICK-&-MORTAR’ SMALL INDEPENDENTS) You are without doubt aware of the financial struggle we small ‘SHOPS’ are facing and it’s a no-brainer that unless you support us WE WILL BE GONE!!!!! This is what we DO! we do not have jobs through the week and supplement our income at weekends, at markets and fairs, or sell through e-commerce from our homes (I am in no way knocking the fairs & eBay sellers’ I am just making people aware who take us little shops for granted, and have no sense of the overheads we pay!)……. we pay rents and rates and utilities and give you an ACTUAL shopping experience! We chat, we are humans, we have faces, we have a listening ear! (We also do a hell of a lot of one-to-one counseling and therapy sessions within the community, 😇 a community with a rising mental health problem – ask anyone who has a little shop!!!!!!!) #support #supportsmallbusiness #supportsmallindependentbusinesses #womeninbusiness
She’s watching you!#Biba #bibaposter #bibakensingtonhighstreet #barbarahulanicki #1970s #mouche
#klimpt #thekiss 🎁🎁🎁

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